KCSA Sports and Activities Facility

The Kaskaskia College Sports Association Sports and Activities Facility was built in 2011. This project is part of our mission to ensure lifelong learning, collegiate athletics, and community engagement by providing outstanding athletic programs, and a comprehensive wellness program for students, staff and the community.

The KCSA Sports and Activities Facility is an 8,000 square foot indoor facility that can accommodate many of the sports on campus.  It provides a beneficial indoor practice space accommodating our athletic programs as well as allowing for the expansion of student life programs such as intramural activities.

The facility is a multi-purpose building with two drop down batting cages that assist the baseball, softball and golf programs. Two basketball hoops, soccer goals, volleyball nets and a portable tennis net also provide adaptable indoor practice alternatives for our teams and for community youth participating in college hosted sports camps; increasing the visibility of Kaskaskia College’s athletic programs within the district. 

The KCSA Sports Association Sports and Activities Facility is a tremendous benefit for all athletic and student life programs.  In addition, the facility provides opportunities for all student athletes to stay well conditioned and hone their skills.

This building was provided with funding from the KC Sports Association who generously donated $100,000.  The KCSA continues to increase community awareness of the outstanding student-athletes successes, improve the relations between the KC Athletic Department and the community with which the college interacts and to provide the support which will ensure the high quality and future growth of the Athletic Program.